Punctuation Pals

is an entertaining way to learn how to use punctuation. Cool art and interactive stickers makes this a must have for any youngster's library.

     Mr. Period, the narrator, tells a humorous story in which common punctuation marks are used. After the story he explains that it was his 'Punctuation Pals' that made the story easy to read. He introduces himself as the traffic cop for all written words and shows where and how to use himself. He does the same for his 'Punctuation Pals' in a way that makes there usage easy to understand.

     All the punctuation marks are color coded (Like this: blue for the period; red for the exclamation mark; green for the question mark, etc.) to aid in learning there placement and proper usage. At the end of the book there is an interactive short story with no punctuation but with specially color coded underscore lines. In the back of the book are reusable punctuation stickers that can be placed and replaced into that story.

     This book is a lot of fun for all ages!  Dr. Hope's Punctuation Pals features delightfully colorful illustrations by cartoonist/illustrator, Richard Pinson.


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